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Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Thank you for your request concerning Pro Power Foundation’s financial assistance for your child. This letter outlines the process you must follow to receive financial assistance (“Scholarship”). The purpose of the Pro Power Foundation Scholarship is to help worthy student-athletes of strong character who are working hard academically and are in need of financial assistance.

Pro Power Foundation has a limited amount of money to help financially disadvantaged student-athletes. DO NOT Apply for a Scholarship if you have the ability to pay for your tuition as this may prevent us from helping others. A prospective college athlete is allowed under NCAA guidelines (Bylaw 13) to receive financial support, when it is based on genuine financial need. HOWEVER, if the prospect’s claim is intentionally and blatantly false, it could have repercussions on his/her eligibility under NCAA guidelines (Bylaw 13). 

Pro Power Foundation must receive a letter from a School Administrator or a Non-Profit Organization with no football or basketball affiliation. Examples of Non-Profit

Organizations include Churches, Boys & Girls Clubs, and YMCAs (as long as the Administrator writing the letter is not the student-athlete’s teacher or coach). The letter must: 

  1. Be written on the organization's letterhead, 

  2. Explain the student-athlete’s financial need, 

  3. State the specific Grant request (full Grants are rarely given), 

  4. Include the date and name of the camp requested, 

  5. Comment on the applicant's character, attitude, and scholastic efforts, 

  6. Include the administrator's official title, phone number, and email for follow-up. 

Finally, a copy of the student-athletes Parent’s or Guardian’s W-2 IRS Tax Form will be required. We also reserve the right to request additional financial information if applicable. In addition, please send your contact number, address, and email so we can contact you when a decision is reached. 

If the request does not include all of the above, the student-athlete will not be considered. Also, the letter must be received Two (2) Months prior to the requested Camp’s starting date to allow us sufficient time to contact the Administrator. (We suggest you give a copy of this letter to the Administrator so they can contact us directly with any questions/comments). 

Thank you for your interest. Please send all materials to the address provided below. Pro Power Foundation is committed to helping your student-athlete learn life lessons through mentoring, educational supports, and sports. 

Mr. Mark Smith Sr., President
Pro Power Foundation
P.O. Box 1031
Olney, MD 20830

Scholarship Opportunities: Service

Clay Shoe Award

This award is given to young leaders around the world who are using sports to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in their community, bringing together groups that otherwise would not meet, and inspiring other youth to get active.


Each recipient will be supported in their endeavors on the ground through opportunities to share their work to a wider audience. Recipients will be connected to diaspora who are eager to use sports as a peace-building tool in the areas they are from. ​  


This award is in partnership with The Return Movement. ReTurn's mission is to mobilize migrants (The Diaspora) to reconnect with the places they have traced their lineages, empower them to reclaim their sense of identity, and unite them with locals living in the places they reconnected with to build more inclusive societies. ReTurn is calling on diaspora everywhere to (Re)Engage with the places where they are from or where they have traced their lineages.

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