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Mark and Candace Smith founded Pro Power Foundation in an effort to provide local youth with the opportunity for a successful start in education leading them to a successful future.  The efforts of the foundation are to provide and support youth with mentoring, academic supports, college prep., and health education, by making connections with local community and businesses and building relationships.  Pro Power Foundation and our collaborating partners will utilize high academic programs, mentoring, organized sports and camps, and health education activities and programs to increase the graduation rates and college admissions among youth in Montgomery County, Maryland. 


Pro Power Foundation is an organization founded on the belief that with the proper supports and guidance all children can realize their potential in education and excellence in academics and sports.  We concentrate our efforts in three goal areas:  to assure that all youth have access to basic educational tools, to provide information and support for families and athletes through mentoring focused on character development, college admissions and graduation and to reduce the personal, social and economic harm caused by a lack of education, substance abuse, tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs.

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